Agribusiness and foodstuffs





Argentina's agro-industrial exports represent 60% of the country's total external sales: it is the world's second largest exporter of frozen hake fillets, grape juice, corn and peanut preparations, and the third largest exporter of pears, honey, garlic and sunflower oil.

Argentina exports cherries, wine and meat to China; citrics to Brazil; lemons to the United States; yerba mate herbs to Syria; dulce de leche, honey and rice to Japan; and cheese to Canada. Argentine pears, apples and quinces arrive to Brazil.

Olive oil is sold in Spain, the United States, Ecuador, Uruguay, Paraguay and Colombia, among others, and after 20 years Argentina has once again exported Kosher meat to the United States and pork to China.

Argentina is in the top 10 global exporters of wheat flour, frozen shrimp and prawns, table top olives, frozen beef, wheat, barley malt, black tea, frozen potatoes, meat preparation spreads and preserves, among many other foodstuffs.


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