Argentina exports No -Till Planting agricultural machinery to Canada, South Africa, Russia, Colombia and Germany, and sugar harvester parts and components to the United States, Colombia, Brazil and Peru.

It sells pumps, compressors and engines to the United States, Kuwait, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico, and tea packing machines to Mexico, Indonesia, Brazil, Germany, Colombia, Nigeria and Sri Lanka.

Argentina designs, manufactures and exports machinery for the meat, dairy, wine, bakery and food industries, and packaging machines and flexible packaging systems to more than 15 destinations, including the United States, Bangladesh, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, Chile and Morocco.

Argentine mechanical respirators arrive in India, the United States and Germany; medical prostheses are sent to Costa Rica and Japan; hyperbaric chambers go to Spain, Italy and the Netherlands; and orthopedic and traumatological implants are exported to Saudi Arabia, South Africa and Colombia, among others.

More than 200 biotechnology companies that export to Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay, Chile, France, the United States, Ecuador, China, Colombia, Mexico and Peru place the country among the most competitive internationally. 

Cosmetics are exported to the United States, Brazil, Ireland and Chile. 


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