Argentina occupies a relevant place in the international business community and in recent years has made important advances that have favored the business climate, competitiveness and attraction of investments, and added value to a potential that it already has in terms of natural resources and human capital.


Why Argentina


Wide and diversified


largest GDP in Latin America,
US$ 475 billion. 


highest per capita GDP (PPP)
US$ 10.700


million inhabitants
(~60% under 35 years old).
Access to 270 million people
in the Mercosur Trade Block


Great availability
of natural resources 

2nd largest unconventional
gas field
4th largest unconventional
oil field in the world
8th largest country in the world,
with 53% of farmable land area 
750,000 Km2
of high potential mining areas

High quality
human capital 

In the Human Capital Index of Latin America

in Latin America in English language proficiency 

University graduates per year

Investment report in Argentina

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