The Federal Network of Foreign Investment and Trade Agencies and Entities is integrated by provincial authorities as well as authorities from the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and mandates the export and import promotion area.

Its members are focused on implementing actions to promote the export of products and services from the regional economies and/or attract foreign and national investment to strengthen Argentina’s economic development.

What do we do in the
Federal Network?

We create an active participation and articulation environment which enables the coordination of work plans for globalization and investment attraction, development of joint promotion tools, sharing business information, collaboration to boost various regional economies, as well as a cross-section approach for the exchange of good practices for joint training and for the institutional enhancement of its members.


To contact the Federal Network, please, write to:

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+54 11 5199 2263

Carlos Pellegrini 675 9º (C1009ABM)
Paraguay 864 (C1057AAL)
Buenos Aires, Argentina