Biofach Vivaness 2021: in virtual format, Argentine companies participated in the leading organic food fair

It is a strategic meeting for the companies to be in contact with the markets which demand their products the most.

Buenos Aires, February 22nd, 2021 – The Argentine Investment and Trade Promotion Agency and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs coordinated the participation of 11 national companies in the main international fair of organic food and natural cosmetics.

The meeting was held virtually from February 17th until 19th. Biofach is a space for networking and exchanging and sharing knowledge with experts; as well as a space for discovering new trends and innovations in the global organic and natural food and cosmetics sector.

To present the Argentine companies, the following local businesses participated in the online event: Argenmieles, Prosal, Argentbio, Letis, Organic Suppliers, Wishbone, Grupo Budeguer, Pedro and Jorge Cechin, Organización Internacional Agropecuaria (International Farming Organization), Euvitis and Organic Latin America. Among these companies, we can highlight producers of organic honey, organic and cane sugar, cereals and oilseeds, seeds, organic wine, organic rice, cosmetics and certifying companies.

Argentina is the second country with the largest certified land for organic food farming in the world, with 3 million hectares distributed in different regions: the Pampeana region with cereals, pulses, vegetables, and green vegetables; Cuyo with wine and olives; the Argentine northwest (NOA) with infusions such as yerba mate and tea; and the Patagonian region with livestock, mainly sheep farming. The USA and the EU are currently the main export destinations of Argentine organic food.

These promotional actions represent an opportunity for the Argentine companies to increase the visibility of their products and to position themselves globally as exporters of international quality and to get acquainted with the latest trends in the sector.

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